Earth Day

Have you ever gone for a walk with your dog maybe by a river and in the plastic on the path or in the river well I have.

Have you ever put something in the bin and wondered where that ends up what it Goes into a giant hole in the ground.

This is all very sad and overwhelming but I believe that one day we can fix it.

other blocks

I have noticed looking around at other blogs that each one is different because every person is different which means we would have a different style, think differently and look at life differently.

Every blog is different because We have different styles and some of us may have had more experience than others and we may like different things.

My Avatar

Hi I am Zara

I enjoy playing basketball with my friends on the weekend, Learning to play tennis, I love to read and I have dyslexia.

You’re probably asking yourself what is dyslexia. Well dyslexia Is a learning difficulty that can affect reading, spelling, decoding and sometimes math.

Fun Facts About Cambodia

You can find Cambodia in Asia. Cambodia is capital city is phnom Penh. Cambodia is in the northern hemisphere. The population in 2017 was 16.01 million. 90% of Cambodians speak Khmer. The currency of Cambodia is the Cambodian riel. Cambodia share sport is with Vietnam, laos and thailand. Did you know that both in between Cambodia and Australia is Indonesia.

Fun fact do you know that you can roughly fit about 25 Cambodias in Australia.


In creating my avatar I found it hard to change its clothing, give it hair and making at my avatar for responses.

But now I have created my avatar and now it looks really good and it is now my avatar for responses.

200 word writing challenge

I went to school early therefore I could get my work done. After I finished my work I went down to the cafe as soon as I ate my lunch.After school I ran home so that I could see my dog Lucy before we went out to dinner but that meant not saying goodbye to my friends because it was the weekend tomorrow.

On the weekend I went over to my friends house for a swim but she was upset that she didn’t get to say goodbye to me before I went home. I thought that she was gonna get very mad at me when then my friend Elizabeth came over to the pool and she settled everything out because she was there at dinner last night.

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

Next day the next day I have tennis training therefore my legs were saw it could bad for PE tomorrow.

Meet Me

Hi I am Zara and some of the things that I like are…

Riding motorbikes on my uncles farm, Drawing and playing and games with my younger sister.

I am also very fascinated by crystals and stones like marble opal aquamarine and diamond.

Hope that you enjoyed my blog See you next time by Zara Hill

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash